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Hey it’s Andrew and I know you’re eager to get started with Doodleoze, but before you run off and start creating amazing videos, I need you to stop and pay close attention to this page.

I have a quick question for you.

How would you like a VIP access to my private library of over 20,000 doodle images, AND 4,000 background videos?

Many Of These Have Never Been
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I want you to soak that in for a second.

20,000 engaging doodle images for your doodle videos – like these..

And 4,000 powerful professional background videos to help elevate your doodle videos like these..

This is my most private collection library and many of these have never been shared to the general public.

Upgrade from 500 doodle sketch images to 20,000!

Right now, with Doodleoze, you’ll get 500 doodle sketch images, and 100 backgrounds.

And I want to give you access to my private collection.

That means taking you from just a mere 500 doodle sketch images to 20,000!

AND from 100 professional backgrounds.. to 4,000..

Here are Videos From Just A
Few Sample Doodle Sketch Images

4 Years Of Custom Design Work
& Tens Of Thousands In Investment

What was once part of our private and personal design collection, representing over 4 years of custom design work and tens of thousands in investment is now available to a limited number of Doodleoze Members.

Doodleoze Club will give you instant access to my entire private collection of doodle images and professional backgrounds.

And they are ready to use with the Doodleoze video creator.

And you’ll be given instant access to the entire collection, in just moments.

These are given to you with full licenses, so you can use them as you need for your marketing needs.

Here are Videos From Just
A Few Sample Backgrounds

Quick Math - Total Of $60,000 In Real World Value.

Ok let’s do some quick math…Let’s start from 4,000 background videos.. these cost about $5 each. That’s 4,000 background videos that you can use in any part of your doodle videos and marketing.

4,000 videos x $5.. that’s $20,000. Then there is massive library of 20,000 doodle sketches. These cost us a little over $2 bucks each to make. Plus, each comes in SVG format so they will automatically have the most realistic draw path.

So that’s $2 per image. 20,000 images… x 2 per image…That’s $40,000 in true hard costs to create these over the last few years…

So let’s do a quick math recap. 4,000 video backgrounds worth $20,000. 20,000 doodle images with draw paths worth $40,000

That’s a total of $60,000 in real world value.

The Library That I Use For My Own
Internet marketing And Digital Marketing Business

It is the very library that I use for my 7 figure internet marketing and digital marketing business.

And today, as a brand new Doodleoze member, I want to invite you to get instant access to Doodleoze Club.

Over $60,000 and 4 years of my private collection, for just a small tiny investment.

Plus, it includes a license for you to use each and every video or image as your own, for your marketing needs.

Everything You Need
For Success With Doodle Videos

Because I am committed to your success, I want to give you everything you need for success.

And that means, for a small investment, today I’m going to open for you my private vault to get you started.

And if we release more doodle images and backgrounds, you’ll get access to them as a Doodleoze Club member as well.

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